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Teen volunteers share lunch money

Longview | April 9, 2018
Father of “hangry” five-year-old writes thanks

Waiting can be tough…especially when you’re a five-year-old stuck in the waiting area of the hospital.

Skiann Floyd and Lena Lentini were working at the information desk at PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center in Longview, Washington, the day John (not his real name) and family came to receive care.

He and his daughter waited in the lobby during his wife’s appointment. As his “very tired, grumpy and hungry” youngster grew more restless, Skiann and Lena, both teen volunteers, took note…and pity.

They offered to take the young gal to the café. They used their daily lunch stipend to buy her a snack.

“These two young ladies deserve a very special pat on the back,” John wrote. “Their kindness and generosity deserves much more than the thanks we can give them.”

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