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A workday may end but the caring continues

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Older woman hugs a young adult man

Radiation therapists team up to assist a distraught patient and son

Kelli Holverson and Pam Johanson, radiation therapists at PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center in Longview, Wash., were about to head home at the end of their workday.

Then they noticed one of the patients they had seen hours earlier waiting outside for her son to pick her up. The worried mother was unable to contact her son as neither had a mobile phone.

As the clock ticked, Kelli and Pam waited at her side until the patient’s son eventually showed up…on foot.

Near tears, he explained that his car had broken down. He had walked the rest of the way to the medical facility to find his mom. Both mother and son were very distraught.

Kelli and Pam gently pressed for more details to see how they could help the pair. The best information regarding the car’s whereabouts was that it was parked near a place with chairs in front. He wasn’t sure of the street name.

Kelli was able to contact the auto insurance company and explained the situation. The agent confirmed the car's make, model and license tag, adding that towing was covered by their plan.

In the meantime, Pam set out to locate the vehicle. Driving up and down nearby streets, she found it parked in front of a local restaurant with outdoor seating – matching “the chairs” landmark recalled by the son.

Once the insurance company was notified, Kelli arranged for a taxi to take the patient and her son to the car and then to their home.

Kelli and Pam graciously and compassionately worked to resolve a stressful situation beyond the walls of their clinic, long after their workday was over. It was a beautiful act of grace that won’t soon be forgotten.