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Tea for the Soul provides peaceful break for night shift

Vancouver | January 3, 2020
ICU staff enjoy Tea for the Soul
A break with a cup of tea provides peace, support and friendship for the night shift staff

It's called "Tea for the Soul," and was brought to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver by Chaplain Scott Young, who works the night shift.

Tea for the Soul has just two rules, according to Young.

"Rule number 1 is that you can't serve yourself," he says. "You've been serving others all night. It's your turn to be served." 

"Rule number 2 is we don't talk about what's going on on the floors," he notes.

These special, quick breaks give the night shift caregivers a few minutes to sit together and experience peace, friendship and support before heading back to care for their patients.

Watch and hear more in the video below.

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