Patient expresses gratitude for grace

Longview | February 6, 2018
Last-minute refill request met with kindness

A patient noticed her medicine bottle was nearly empty and the holidays were just around the corner.

“I was very worried about having medication,” she wrote. “I had allowed myself to run out almost completely.”

On a Friday afternoon, she dropped by her PeaceHealth internal medicine clinic in Longview, Washington, hoping for the best.

And she got it. “The front desk staff who were there were so kind and helpful.” They solved the problem in a few minutes and the patient had peace of mind and was soon on her way to pick up her refill.

The clinic manager, Rebecca Crowe, said that while her office routinely encourages patients to renew or refill prescriptions early, “we know life happens. We are so happy to come through for our patients in a way that makes them feel respected and important.”

This kind of grace is what moved the patient to share her story and say thank you to the front desk staff and medical assistant who were “so, so kind.”