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Nursing encompasses more than medical care

May 5, 2022 | Everyday Moments

Nursing encompasses more than medical care

A nurse arranged for a home, equipment and supplies to help an infant patient and its mother.

“Home” is a prominent feature in PeaceHealth’s Home Health & Hospice and Home Infusion service in Eugene, Oregon.

But what if a patient has no home?

When Dalene Doney, RN, learned that one of her patients—an infant—and its mother had been displaced from their home, she took action.

Collaborating with the Oregon Department of Human Services, the baby’s provider, a social worker and the Eugene Mission, Doney arranged for safe housing for the vulnerable pair.

She didn’t stop there.

Doney saw to it that the mom had a refrigerator (not normally allowed in the Mission’s private rooms) along with essential supplies to care for her baby’s everyday and special needs.

In addition, vouchers for fuel were provided so the mother could drive her child to the many appointments to treat and manage multiple health challenges.

As the case manager for her patient, Doney made a lasting positive, healing impact on the lives of a mother and baby during a challenging time.

It’s a powerful example of how nursing encompasses far more than medical care.