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Nursing assistants gladly lend a helping hand

| Everyday Moments

nursing assistant making a hospital bed

Making beds isn’t a usual duty, but the care team happily pitched in.

It was a busy day at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at University District in Eugene, Oregon. Many patients were being discharged from the hospital and the environmental services team was working hard to make the newly empty rooms available for incoming patients.
Debbie Ulbricht, environmental services lead at the hospital, was on the third floor medical unit that day when she witnessed cooperation across teams. “Sondra Toliver, the unit’s environmental services attendant, was busy prepping a room for the next patient when I realized she had help. Two certified nursing assistants were helping her by making the beds!”
Although bedmaking is generally outside of their usual duties, Lindsey Anderson, CNA, and Erika Marquez Carmado, CNA, were happy to help. When Debbie resumed her rounds, it was Gillian Lemire, RN, who stepped in and started cleaning the room. Debbie says, “She did such a good job that I had to ask who had helped me out!” 
Debbie says that this kindness on the part of the third floor nursing team wasn’t just a one-time thing, either. “A few weeks later, I was working in the bathroom, and when I came out, Jessica Zarazua, CNA, had already made the room’s bed!”
While it might be common for caregivers to lend a hand within their own departments, it’s a special kind of cooperative spirit that drives teamwork across departments. Perhaps it’s caregivers’ dedication to one of PeaceHealth’s Core Values: Collaboration, which states: we value the involvement, cooperation and creativity of all who work together to promote the health of the community.
Debbie appreciates the kindness promoted across the teams on the third floor. “Thank you so much! You’re the best!”