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Nurse uses tender approach in caring for patients in crisis

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Adam Golden in Blue Ridge National Park in Virginia

Compassion and selfless generosity are hallmarks of Adam Golden’s style.

Fellow caregivers regularly see Adam Golden’s compassion in action as he cares for patients in the Emergency Department at PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center in Friday Harbor, Washington.

On a couple of recent occasions, Theresa Loya, a nurse manager at the hospital, took note of the special considerations Adam showed.

Overnight in the ED

In one situation, Adam followed up with another caregiver, Gary Waters, on a patient who stayed overnight in the ED after a mental health crisis.

Theresa says Adam was “nonjudgmental in his care and speech, displaying compassion and understanding.”

And it wasn’t only in caring for the patient within the four walls of the hospital. She was also impressed by the way Adam set the patient up for success with medications and follow up after discharge.

Sharing his lunch

On a separate occasion, another patient was experiencing a similar significant breakdown.

Again, Adam gave extra attention plus a little more.

It happened that the hospital staff were being treated that day to a special meal from a local restaurant.

Adam’s patient was hungry but the food provided wasn’t hitting the spot so Adam gave his own lunch to the patient as a way to show extra loving care.

It worked. “This made the patient feel well cared for and special,” Theresa notes.