Finding light in Points of Grace

Florence | December 13, 2017

An acupuncture needle may be no thicker than a strand of hair, but when delivered with gentle hands and a healing touch it has the power to transform lives.

This ancient Chinese art uses the insertion of sterile needles at specific points in the body to tap into complex energy systems. It’s a unique method of healing that has had a tremendous impact on the health and wellness of many.

Among them is a very thankful couple who live in Florence, Oregon, a small beach community that finds access to specialized healthcare services can often be challenging. The husband and wife, both dealing with long-term chronic pain issues, were recently introduced to the free acupuncture services offered through Points of Grace.

This program, which typically draws more than 50 people during each of its once-a-week, three-hour sessions, is a partnership between The Wellspring Clinic and PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center.

The couple recently shared their gratitude for the work of the clinic’s licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, Patricia Immel. The acupuncture treatments, they say, have played an important role in their journey to wellness by tempering back and knee pain, and helping address issues including weight loss and sleep apnea.

“Since I started weekly visits, I have experienced an added element to my pain relief and for that I am truly grateful,” reads a note from the appreciative husband. “I would like to add that an unexpected result of overall wellbeing is also welcome. So, I would like to tell the staff of Points of Grace and all those who make this available to the citizens of Florence: Thank you!”

Points of Grace has become a beacon of healing light for many in this rural, coastal community.