Cancer survivor designs jackets to push screenings

Longview | October 9, 2018
Lisa Boswell and team wear breast cancer awareness jackets
Design helps break doctors and staff talk about the importance of mammograms

If anyone knows the value of being screened for breast cancer, it’s Lisa Boswell.

The PeaceHealth caregiver in Longview, Wash. has survived breast cancer not just once, but twice. Her first was discovered in 2014. She finished her treatment in 2015 only to find in 2016 that it came back.

In August 2018, when she celebrated her second survivor birthday, she wanted to do something special to draw attention to the need for screening.

She made more than a dozen jackets for the co-workers in her clinic area and invited them to join her in wearing the shirt every Friday during the month of October in recognition of breast cancer awareness month.breast cancer awareness design ala Rosie the Riveter style

“I didn’t do it for any other reason than I feel an obligation to raise awareness,” she says. She also made jackets for her husband and daughter, both of whom are teachers in the community.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I received quick, efficient treatment both times,” she notes. “I’m very thankful and I just want the same for any other person.”

Her handiwork is getting the attention she had hoped. The design features a modified “Rosie the Riveter” type model with a sparkly pink-ribbon treatment. It’s turning heads and getting comments.

According to Lisa, the jacket has helped Jaswinderpal Sandhu, MD, on more than one occasion have conversations with nurses and patients about the importance of getting screened for breast cancer. 

“I’m proud of everyone for being willing to wear the jackets," says Lisa. "If it gets one more person to get her mammogram, it worked!”

Top photo:  Lisa Boswell, bottom right, poses with members of her work team in their breast cancer awareness jackets.
Middle photo:  Close-up of the jacket design.
Bottom photo:  Team shows off the back of the breast cancer awareness jackets.

team shows off back of jackets for breast cancer awareness