All-star service helps others feel valued

Longview | May 3, 2017
Concierge team creates calm, welcoming environment

Phones ring. Patients anxiously ask for directions. Lost visitors wander up. Volunteers check in and out. Staff swing by.

At times, the front desk in the main lobby of PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center in Longview, Washington can feel like a veritable three-ring circus. But Christina Courtney and Barb Carron (pictured below) handle it with aplomb. 

Christina Seipp, a volunteer at PeaceHeath St. John, praised the work of Courtney and Carron, both concierge caregivers who are typically the first point of contact at the hospital.

“Multi-tasking is a huge part of this job. And they have to make sure people they are assisting feel like their full attention is on them,” said Seipp.

Liz Cattin, who oversees the area, said Crystal Rhodes, Catrina Webber, Donna McCarty and Sue Oliver, from Volunteer Services, also help staff the concierge desk during breaks, vacations and as other needs arise.

(Pictured above from left, Crystal Rhodes, Catrina Webber, Chris Courtney, Donna McCarty and Sue Oliver)

 “Some individuals at the desk might be waiting for a ride home. Others are arriving for an appointment and need a wheelchair or help finding their way,” said Cattin.

Creating a positive welcoming atmosphere for caregivers, visitors and patients makes a powerful difference. The team listens as those passing through share compliments or frustrations. Courtney and Carron will take the time to pass on those comments that warrant some attention, Cattin said.

According to Seipp, “What makes them good at what they do is….they love people. They love to serve. They go beyond themselves to make everyone feel valued and loved. And they NEVER lose their cool happy hearts.”