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Advance Care Planning Resources

How to get started

The best place to get started is identifying the state you live in and downloading an advance directive. Each Advance directive has instructions on how to complete the form. If you need additional assistance please reach out to our team

You can turn in your documents by bringing them to a PeaceHealth clinic or emailing it to: 

Approved advance directives by state





Advance care planning with people with dementia

In addition to completing an Advance Directive to specify your wishes, some patients are choosing to complete an additional document called a Dementia Directive. This document is not a legal form but provides brief descriptions of the stages of Dementia and options for people to choose what medical care they would want, or not want, at each stage. For more information or to download a copy of the document, visit

ACP+D is an online presentation that covers important factors to consider in making decision about the care you or a loved one may consider with a Dementia diagnosis. 


Do you want to be an organ donor?

Tell your healthcare agent and your physician and write this in your advance directive. Be sure your current wishes are reflected on your driver’s license. You can store and update your wishes regarding organ donation at

Special considerations upon death regarding your body?

It is helpful to specify burial or cremation on your Advance Directive and inform your health care agent of any pre-arranged agreements/paperwork you may have.

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COVID specific advance directive addendums

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients have expressed a desire to explicitly outline their wishes related to the care they would or not want to receive if they were to contract the virus. These types of documents, called addendums, offer enhanced clarity but do not take the place of any advance directive documents currently in place. Addendums can help to outline our decisions more clearly for your healthcare agent. The addendums listed below could be used as a helpful starting point in thinking about your care.

Advance directive addendums for COVID-19: