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Advance Care Planning

Sharing Your Wishes

Sharing your wishes for the care you want if you are critically ill can bring you closer to the people you love. Making your wishes known clearly in advance of a crisis is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, your family and friends.

Our team has resources to help you get your advance care planning documents completed for Washington, Oregon and Alaska!

Advance Care Planning and Dementia

The best time for someone to complete an a dementia-specific advance directive is before they are diagnosed or develop signs of dementia. A dementia specific advance-directive outlines the type of care a person may or may not want if they were to be diagnosed with dementia and how their preferences may change at different stages of the disease. Our team is honored to collaborate with community partners to present the following resources: 

  • Advance Directive for Dementia - A simple document outlining the care a person would or wouldn't want if they had dementia
  • ACP+D Presentation - Online education offering an overview of what someone can do to prepare themselves if they were to be diagnosed with dementia or for individuals who are caring for someone who has been diagnosed. 
    • The presentation covers the following topics:
      • Dementia overview
      • How to get started on your Advance Directive
      • Dementia-specific information and forms to accompany an Advance Directive
      • The role of a healthcare agent

COVID Specific Advance Directive Addendums

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients have expressed a desire to explicitly outline their wishes related to the care they would or not want to receive if they were to contract the virus. These types of documents, called addendums, offer enhanced clarity but do not take the place of any advance directive documents currently in place. Addendums can help to outline our decisions more clearly for your healthcare agent. The addendums listed below could be used as a helpful starting point in thinking about your care.

Advance directive addendums for COVID-19: