Special Services

Mail and Flowers

Volunteers deliver letters, packages and flowers to patients daily (unless patients have requested a “do not announce” status). Letters and parcels that come after your discharge will be sent to your home. Flowers that arrive after your discharge will be returned to the florist who will arrange to get them to you. Stamps and stationery may be purchased in the Gift Shop. Outgoing mail may be left at the nursing station or given to a volunteer. 


Newspapers may be purchased at the hospital entrance or you may have a newspaper brought to your room by asking the nurse to page a volunteer. Exact change is best.


This service for legal documents is available weekdays (and limited evenings and weekends) without charge to patients and families. To request a notary, dial 0.

Advance Directives

You have a right to accept or refuse any treatment. You can protect this right for the future by completing an Advance Directive (“Directive to Physicians,” “Living Will,” or “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions”) now. An Advance Directive is a legal document that says how – and by whom – you want medical decisions made if the time should ever come that you can’t speak for yourself.  Please visit Advance Care Planning for more information and to view the calendar of upcoming classes to help you complete your Advance Directive.  

For more information, please view Advance Directives at PeaceHealth.

Medical Decisions

Caregivers with special training in medical ethics can help families with decisions about life support, artificially provided nutrition and other medical treatment issues. Ethics Committee members gather important facts, help analyze issues, identify appropriate procedures or plans for care, and offer recommendations.

Decisions regarding medical care are made by the patient and/or family member, along with the physician. All information is held in the strictest confidence. For help on a medical ethics issue, dial 0 and ask for the Nursing Supervisor.

Special Needs

We make every effort to work with patients with special needs. Please let your nurse know if you have special needs.

For the hearing impaired, TDD and telephone amplifiers are available. Dial 0 to request these services.

For the visually impaired, Braille is included on most signs throughout the hospital.

Also, accessible restrooms are located throughout our facilities.

Language Translation

Language translation for medical care is available 24 hours a day through Optimal Phone Interpreters for those who do not speak English. An Admitting Representative or nurse can arrange for this. In addition, a summary version of this guide is available in Spanish and Russian from the nursing staff. ​