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Cardiology Services

The general cardiology team at PeaceHealth St. Joseph specializes in the treatment of problems of the cardiovascular system, including the heart, arteries and veins.

These specialists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of

  • hereditary heart defects,
  • coronary artery disease,
  • heart failure,
  • valvular heart disease and
  • advanced rhythm management.

Patients are evaluated for these conditions through extensive physical examination and screening procedures.

Our general cardiology program integrates the latest advances in cardiac care and clinical therapies to accurately diagnose and manage heart disease. We recognize that each patient has unique needs and deserves a truly patient-centered approach to care. Our treatment plans are customized to address individual's medical history and current conditions/concerns in order to improve each patient’s quality of life.

Having a high-tech facility allows our region's specialists to provide patients with the most current procedures, devices, treatments and medications.​

This clinic is licensed as part of PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center. You may receive a separate charge or billing for facility fees in addition to any professional fees for services, which may result in a higher out-of-pocket expense.