Lower Columbia Regional Cancer Center

Cancer Registry

Rhonda Wrolson
Certified Tumor Registrar
Contact: (360) 414-7956

The Cancer Registry collects and maintains information about each person diagnosed with cancer in our community and surrounding areas.  Information has been gathered since January 1, 1975 and consists of over 14,000 cases.  

Each year the registry monitors the well being of patients by contact with either the physician or patient.  Through this contact a determination can be made as to whether there has been a recurrence or spread of disease.  This information is then compared with that of others with the same disease, providing new knowledge about the effectiveness of cancer treatment.  

By state law, the registry must send information to the Washington State Cancer Registry.  Because our cancer program is approved by the American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer, we are also required to submit this information to the National Cancer Data Base where it is compared with information from other approved facilities throughout the nation.  In compliance with federal HIPPA laws, safeguards are taken to ensure the privacy of this information.

The Cancer Registrar, a skilled healthcare professional, uses clinical and technical knowledge to gather, manage and analyze cancer information for the purpose of processing, maintaining, compiling and reporting health information.   This information is utilized for research, quality management and improvement, facility planning and marketing, cancer program development, cancer prevention programs, surveillance and evaluation of patient treatment outcomes and survival.

Working closely with physicians, hospital administration and other health care professionals The Cancer Registrar is accountable for cancer conferences, cancer committee, compliance with state reporting standards, as well as the Commission on Cancer program standards.