Weight loss surgery behavioral health program

Bariatric surgery changes you dramatically both physically and emotionally. While the surgeons change your body, your mind also goes through drastic changes.

Learning to live in a new body is a journey that should not happen alone. Family and friends can be a support, but Bariatric surgery is unlike any other surgery and will change your life both physically and emotionally.

Most obese people have lived with years of physical and emotional discrimination. Changing your health and your appearance can be empowering but is also fraught with anxiety, regrets and strained relationships.

Help is also available from psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and coaches. Services are available individually and for groups.

We all have different tools for dealing with change and stress. You can share your skills and benefit from others who have gone through and are going through the same transformation. The support groups provide a safe and caring place to connect with others on the same journey. Surrounded by compassion and non-judgmental support, the courage and enthusiasm for your new life will grow as you continue to lose weight.