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Weight Loss For Life Program

Exterior view of entryway to Salmon Creek Specialty Clinic in Vancouver, Washinton
Choose the Plan that Fits Your Goals

In Clinic:

  • Medical supervision
  • Weekly classes for support and accountability 
  • Individual support from your Health Educator
  • A team of weight-management professionals dedicated to your success 
Success Stories

What will you do when it is your time? Will you climb a mountain? Will you run a race? Will you ride bikes with your kids? Play with your grandkids? Start a new career? It's up to you when you decide that it's your time to lose.

Read how these people changed their lives for the better. It all started with a declaration - It's time! - and a call to PeaceHealth Southwest's Center for Weight Management.

Our team

At Weight Loss for Life, a team of professional healthcare providers – doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, behavioral educators and administrative staff – all work together to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals.


  • Rachel Collins, ARNP

Program Manager

  • Sunny Perkins

Operations Specialists

  • Angela Fuhrer
  • Nicole Faunt

Health Coaches

  • Ali Jack, RDN, CSOWM
  • Angela Snyder, RDN
  • Mary Paeth, MBA, RDN
  • Sarah Sterling, RDN
  • Mary Heid, MS, RDN


About the Program

Lose weight fast and build healthier lasting routines with Weight Loss for Life (WLFL) with the HMR program, a clinically proven plan that’s been available in hospitals since 1983.

At Weight Loss for Life our team is dedicated to giving you the support and accountability you need to lose a lot of weight quickly, while you learn how to adopt the lifestyle skills that matter most for better health and quality of life.

Fast, Significant Weight Loss

Fast weight loss is motivating and can help you stick to the diet longer, which can lead to more weight loss in a shorter amount of time.

How the Program Works

  • Simple plan – Phase 1 is highly structured and easy to follow. You will use meal replacements as a key tool to lose weight quickly.
  • Learn new skills – Using the science of behavior change, start making new routines around healthier eating and physical activity.
  • Get coaching and support – Weekly classes, digital resources, a mobile app, and access to a personal coach, who is a Registered Dietitian, to provide extra support and accountability. 
  • Medical supervision is available as determined by our medical staff.
  • Phase 2 teaches you to expand your skills with a wider variety of healthy foods to manage your weight and health over the long term.

View a free virtual information session

Attend an information session 

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While virtual is a convenient option, we highly encourage you to attend an in person information session as it allows you to sample the food and get all your questions answered.

Due to its success, Weight Loss for Life has been recognized by Health Management Resources® (HMR®) with a Gold Standard Award.