Casey's story

First grade teacher Casey Rouse was having a hard time keeping up with her students, and that was weighing her down. Over the past 20 years, Casey’s weight had crept up little by little until it became a serious cause for concern. She was smart enough to know that all of her medical conditions – pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and low "good" cholesterol – were all related to her weight. Casey knew it was time to make a change.

She tried dieting and exercise on her own and had some success, losing 20 pounds. But with so much more weight to lose, she knew she wouldn’t be able to do it alone. A friend who had lost weight with PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's Weight Loss for Life program recommended she give it a try.

In August 2010, Casey joined Weight Loss for Life's Healthy Solutions® option of meal replacements along with healthy fruits and vegetables of your choice. "At the end of the day if I was still hungry, I could eat fruits and veggies and that made a huge difference to me," said Casey.

From the start, Casey committed to the program. She doubled the minimum recommendation for exercise each week and the minimum recommendation for fruits and vegetables. "The program leaders kept telling me more is better," she said. "I decided I was going to trust them. And I just kept losing."

Within two months of starting the program, Casey was changing her health for the better and was able to stop taking all of her medications. Those first months when she was losing were during the school year, and one of her first grade students said, "I don’t know, Mrs. Rouse. It seems like you are getting taller."

In 10 months, Casey had lost 80 pounds and reached her goal weight and has continued with the Weight Loss for Life program to help her maintain. All of her medical numbers improved with the weight loss and increased fitness level she's achieved. She's gone from a size 18w-20w to a size 10 and enjoys being able to "wear anything right off the rack and even the clearance rack."

But Casey said the best thing about how her life has changed is how strong she feels. "I was physically strong as a teen and young adult, and your body remembers. I can balance, run, play with my grandkids, work with my first graders all day, have energy and physical strength and better mental outlook," she said. "It feels good to be strong."

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HMR published data from selected programs offering the Healthy Solutions® program show a 35-40 pound average weight loss.