Shannon lost over 100 pounds with Weight Loss for Life (WLFL)

: Why did you join the program?

A: In the Spring of 2014, my doctor wanted me to start taking cholesterol medication. I was resistant to the idea because I knew that would only treat one symptom of my real problem-my poor eating habits and complete lack of physical activity. I was considering weight loss surgery and had researched it, but the idea of such a risky weight loss surgery scared me, so at my doctor's suggestion, I attended a WLFL info session.

Q: How has your quality of life changed?
​A: I feel like so much of my life has turned around. I like myself more because I know I have enough self-respect to take care of my health. I have more confidence, I'm proud of my acheivments, and I am happier than I remember feeling in ages.

Q: What significant health benefits have you experienced?
A: I can climb stairs, play with my children, and enjoy my new-found energy. My cholesterol has dropped by over 50 points into the healthy range, and I actually enjoy exercise for the first time in my life!

Q: How long have you been in the program?
A: (Shannon joined phase 1 on June 2, 2014 and recently joined Phase 2 the last week of May 2015)

Q: Do you have tips or advice for others?
A:   My #1 tip is to follow the program. Stay in the box, use more is better, and get in as much PA as possible. The most effective strategy I have found is goal-setting. I am constantly working toward acheiving my next goal, and I feel empowered by the knowledge that I can acheive the goals I set!