Get rid of old medications safely

Clark County residents now have the opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated medications.

Clark County in partnership with local pharmacies has established a Take-Back Program to safely dispose of medications that are unwanted or outdated. These medications can be prescription or over the counter drugs. Proper drug disposal is an emerging environmental issue. All medications applied or ingested may be excreted or washed into sewage systems and from there discharged to the environment. The risks posed to humans by long-term consumption of minute quantities of medications in drinking water and the risks to the environment by continual exposure are unknown.

The Take-Back Program will allow Clark County residents to drop off unwanted/outdated medications at participating Pharmacies at no charge, if the medications:
  • are NOT controlled substances (check with your doctor or pharmacist);
  • are in the original container with the name of the medicine visible,
  • are in a container that is not leaking and is capable of being be sealed, and
  • are in a container that has all patient information either removed or marked out.

Call your pharmacist first before transporting medications. Some medications must be taken to special sites for proper disposal.  You may take your unwanted/outdated medications for disposal to the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy or learn more at Clark County Public Health.

In addition to the Take-Back Program you can also dispose of unwanted/outdated medications by:

  • Returning them to your physician. Ask your physician if he/she will take your unwanted/outdated medications for disposal.
  • Take to a household hazardous waste collection facility or collection event. Call (360) 397-6118 ext. 4352 for more information.
For more information about disposal of medications or for information about used syringe (“sharps”) or mercury thermometer disposal, please contact Clark County Environmental Services (360) 397-6118 ext. 4352.