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Anticoagulation Management

If you have a heart or vascular condition that puts you at risk for blood clots, your treatment may include the use of anticoagulants also called blood thinners — such as warfarin (Coumadin®). These medicines slow down your body’s clotting process to help prevent blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.Because taking blood thinners can raise your risk of bleeding, you’ll need a specialist to closely monitor your health.

PeaceHealth has health professionals specially trained in anticoagulation management. You’ll be more at ease knowing you have an expert team looking after you and will work with you to:

  • Make sure you’re taking the right dosage(amount)
  • Help you manage any side effects of treatment
  • Educate you about your medicine and how to keep yourself safe
  • Keep your primary care doctor up to date and informed about your progress and health

PeaceHealth offers comprehensive care to keep you healthy during anticoagulation therapy.

Coordinated care

The anticoagulation specialists at PeaceHealth work closely with your primary care doctor and other providers. They work to make sure you’ll receive safe treatment and seamless, coordinated care focused on your needs.

Fast, convenient appointments

When you come to PeaceHealth for your scheduled appointment, you’ll work with healthcare professionals who will make it a little easier for you to take care of yourself. They’ll monitor your health and provide the expertise to help you get in and out of your appointment quickly

Highly trained professionals protecting your health

You’ll get care from pharmacists with advanced training in anticoagulation management. Studies have shown that working with a pharmacist may lower your risk of bleeding and forming blot clots during treatment.

The benefits of expert care

At PeaceHealth, anticoagulation specialists help you to get the most from your treatment, while minimizing possible side effects. They offer expert care to make sure you're responding well to therapy and will keep a close eye out for any potential problems.