Your delivery

Whether you’re rushing to the hospital in the final stages of labor or are calmly walking in for your pre-planned c-section, the day your baby is born is a magical day. Every detail is important, because you will tell the story of your baby’s birth — and your transformation to parenthood — for years to come.

Our compassionate team at PeaceHealth Southwest’s Family Birth Center is called to serve mothers and their babies, and as a result, we assist with more than 3,000 of these tiny miracles every year. We are prepared to help you with all aspects of your delivery.

  • 40 labor and delivery rooms
  • Adjacent to the Neonatal Instensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Laborist onsite 24/7
  • 2 OB anethetists onsite 24/7 
  • Neonatology onsite 24/7
  • Lactation specialists onsite daily
  • 3 operation rooms

Are you anticipating a vaginal delivery, a c-section, or a water birth? No matter how you are planning your birth, the Family Birth Center’s LDRP suites provide a nurturing environment for growing families.

Uniquely designed with your comfort in mind, the LDRP suites allow you to labor, deliver, recover, and post-partum in the same room. Instead of moving from place to place, you will relax in your own room while the caregivers come to you.

With hotel-style amenities like room service and movies, in addition to a place for dad and other family members to rest, you will feel cared for from the start. And after delivery, your baby stays with you in your suite in a state-of-the-art Halo bassinet.