Water birth services

Providing the baby with the same environment as the amniotic sac, a water birth (waterbirth) also allows mothers a less stressful labor and delivery process. A water birth takes place in a specially designed, warm tub in the mother's private room at PeaceHealth Southwest's Family Birth Center.


Benefits for mother

  • A more soothing and relaxing atmosphere
  • A greater sense of privacy created from the high volume of water, resulting in reduced inhibitions, anxiety and fears
  • More efficient uterine contractions and better blood circulation because of the water's buoyancy

Benefits for baby

  • An environment similar to the amniotic sac
  • Less stress during birth

Learn more

PeaceHealth Southwest offers a water birth class that introduces the patient to informed consent and quality guidelines. For safety reasons, there are specific eligibility requirements.

Water birth at PeaceHealth Southwest