Birth Planning

Every birth is different, and each one is miraculous. While you can’t predict what will occur during the birth of your baby, it is a good idea to plan ahead, taking time to think about some of the choices you will be making during your delivery. Creating a simple birth plan can help you have open dialog with your care providers.

Some things to consider:

Labor: What do you expect for your labor? What positions would you like to try? Do you want to be able to walk around? How do you plan to manage pain?

Delivery: What kind of delivery would you prefer – vaginal, c-section, water birth? Do you want to view the birth? Who will cut the umbilical cord?

Support and Visitors: Who will attend you during your baby’s birth? Do you have a doula or other support person to assist? Will your family be allowed in the room during the birth?

Baby Care: Do you need initial help with baby care? Are you planning to breastfeed? Do you want help with breastfeeding?

It is necessary to be flexible about your birth plan because each birth experience is unique and unpredictable. However, thinking about some of the decisions you will face can help you be better prepared for your transformation to parenthood.

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