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Physical Medicine

Physical medicine doctors (also known as physiatrists or physiologists) at PeaceHealth help patients with life-altering muscle, bone, soft tissue or nervous system problems. This includes recovery from a medical disorder, injury or surgery.

Using therapy, medicines and pain management techniques, the goal is to reduce pain, enhance quality of life and restore function and mobility. With plans tailored to your needs, the physiology team can address medical, occupational, social or emotional concerns.

Physical medicine services at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth offers you choices close to home.

On-site rehabilitation services

If physical therapy and rehabilitation is part of your treatment plan, you Can get it all in one location. For your convenience, we offer both inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient services.

Coordinated care with multiple departments

To make sure your care process is seamless, we coordinate with your referring specialists — whether they are a cancer, neurology, orthopedic or another specialist.

Open communication and clear goals

Your team works with you to help you understand your treatment plan and goals. Beyond physical care, we offer patient education and family support, and we’ll help you set clear, realistic goals.

All Physical Medicine Locations