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Cancer Screening

Cancer screenings can spot cancer before symptoms appear. Early detection often means you can start treatment sooner, which may improve your outcome.

Not everyone is a candidate for cancer screenings. Knowing your risk factors helps you and your doctor decide if and when you should have a certain type of cancer screening. Common risk factors include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Family history
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco use

What to expect

You and your doctor will talk about when you should begin regular cancer screenings.PeaceHealth follows the American Cancer Society’s guidelines for cancer screenings, which are most often based on age and other risk factors.

Remember, a result that isn’t normal doesn’t mean you have cancer. Your doctor will discuss your results and together you’ll decide on next steps. You will likely need more tests, including diagnostic imaging.

Your doctor may also advise you to get a biopsy. This procedure allows your care team to collect a small tissue sample and see if cancer cells are present.

Cancer screening at PeaceHealth

Cancer care begins with prevention. PeaceHealth is here to help you lower your cancer risk and use advanced screenings to spot cancer if it’s there.

Helping you navigate your risk

Everyone’s risk of cancer is different.Your care team is here to help you understand your risk. Genetic testing, counseling, health and wellness classes and a high-risk breast program [link to breast care page]empower you to make better and healthier choices.

Advanced technology to guide detection and treatment

The field of cancer care and screenings for cancer are always evolving. PeaceHealth offers recent advances in technology, including 3D mammography, image-guided biopsies and more, to deliver precise care for you.

Excellent care, expert advice

Navigating cancer screenings can be confusing. Your care team is here to offer you up-to-date advice and recommendations, paired with their specialized insight and knowledge. Together, they will help to create a screening plan tailored to your needs.

Access to the screenings you need

At PeaceHealth, we are committed to delivering access to important cancer screenings around our communities. We are also committed to providing the screenings you need — whether or not you can pay.