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Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is specialized surgery used to diagnose, treat or manage cancer. Your care team may recommend surgery to:

  • Collect tissue samples for biopsy
  • Diagnose cancer, including the type and stage
  • Remove cancer cells, including all or part of affected organs, soft tissue or bones
  • Prevent cancer from spreading
  • Reduce the risk of cancer returning
  • Relieve pain or implement treatment devices

A surgical oncologist will oversee your procedure. Many of today’s minimally invasive approaches need fewer incisions (cuts), and offer better precision with faster recovery. PeaceHealth offers many choices and the latest advances in care, including robotic-assisted surgery.

What to expect

Your surgical oncologist works closely with your care team to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. You’ll learn about surgical choices; what to expect before, during and after the procedure; and the risks and benefits of surgery.  

Where experience and technology meet

Access the latest advances in surgical oncology — including minimally invasive procedures, robotic-assisted technology and complex procedures.

Feel confident with experienced, compassionate care

Nurse navigators are here to answer your questions and assist you throughout your care.

Comprehensive care at every stage

Surgical oncologists work closely with your care team. A Tumor Board meets regularly to review each case and develop a comprehensive, individualized plan.

Advancing cancer care

At PeaceHealth, we are committed to advancing cancer care. We offer the latest surgical procedures. Our providers are recognized leaders who will treat you with dedication and compassion.

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