Stroke Rehabilitation

The Oregon Rehabilitation Center offers the resources necessary to help stroke patients achieve a more independent and productive life. A specialized team approach, including the patient and family, is used to identify and treat primary problems and goals for patients.

Program Objectives

The ORC team works with patients to identify recovery goals and develop individualized treatment plans. We work with patients on:

  • Increased independence and safety in daily living skills
  • Mobility, strength and endurance
  • Spoken, written and non-verbal communication
  • Cognitive skills and techniques to compensate for deficit
  • Psychosocial adjustment to disability for patient and family
  • Community mobility, resources and re-entry
  • Assessment of adaptive equipment needs
  • Bowel and bladder function
  • Home accessibility evaluations

Stroke Patient Outcomes for Fiscal Year 2012

Number Served 109
​   Average Age ​67
​   Age Range 22 to 93
Male/Female Ratio
​   Male ​48%
​   Female ​52%
Average Length of Stay, Days ​14.4
Discharged to:
​   Home Setting (Percent) ​99 (90.8%)
​   Long Term Care ​4.6%
​   Sub-Acute & Rehab 1.8%
​   Acute ​2.8%