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Pediatrics at PeaceHealth Barger Clinic

location photograph of Pediatrics at PeaceHealth Barger Clinic
4010 Aerial Way
Eugene, OR 97402
Operating Hours
Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

Vaccine information

PeaceHealth primary care clinics are offering influenza vaccines for patients of all ages. COVID-19 immunizations are also available for patients 18 years old and younger. Please call your clinic to make an appointment to ensure we have enough supply. For adult COVID-19 and adult RSV vaccines, check with your local pharmacy.

Children’s healthcare needs change as they grow. Our pediatricians understand that children aren’t simply small adults. Many factors can affect their growth and development — children change rapidly.

A primary care pediatrician is trained to manage a child’s physical and developmental milestones from birth to age 18. They understand treatment must be approached with an appreciation for a child’s particular stage of physical and mental development.

If your child needs more advanced care or has a chronic condition, a pediatric specialist can help. Your child’s pediatrician will coordinate the services they need. The pediatrician will then stay in touch with any specialists your child sees. Think of your child’s pediatrician as your partner in helping you raise healthy kids. Building a relationship with your child’s pediatrician creates a healthy foundation for life.

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