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Addressing recent headlines and COVID-19 preparedness with Richard DeCarlo, COO of PeaceHealth

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There’s more to the Dr. Lin story, and it can’t be told in a quick sound bite or attention-grabbing headline. There are real issues that deserve real conversations. Thank you to Stanford-trained physician, Dr. Zubin Damania, for allowing us to put it all out on the table. Please watch. It’s over 48 minutes of frank discussion. As ZDoggMD says, “How are we going to get through this if we don’t work together?”

Below are a few interview excerpts from Richard DeCarlo:

“This was so troubling in the way it turned out, and yet the way we acted was the way we needed to act in this situation.”

“We did all we could do through appropriate channels to get Dr. Lin to respond in any way that wouldn’t cause fear and panic.”

“What was at issue was the misinformation, and that’s where his leaders went to him and said, look, you’re posting things that aren’t accurate and you’re causing fear in the community…People were fearful to go to the hospital.” 

“The lines of communication have been open this entire time. Our Chief Medical Officer has been communicating with the ER group on a regular basis, they have three times a week meetings to make sure they are getting what they need, they're getting the right information.” 

“Our Chief of Staff and other physicians have really come around and been really vocal for their support for the [ED] department for the hospital, and for the way we are treating patients and the way we are managing this worldwide pandemic.”