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Preventing Spider Bites


Follow these tips to avoid bites from spiders.

  • Brush a spider off of you.

    If a spider gets on you, brush it off. Do not crush it.

  • Protect your hands.

    Wear gloves if working in an area where spiders are likely to live.

  • Avoid spider habitats.

    Look for spiders in low-lying webs in garages, in barbecue grills, around swimming pools, and in wood piles.

    Avoid wood or rock piles and dark areas where spiders live.

  • Clear out junk.

    Clear away old furniture, tires, junk, newspaper, and old clothes. This will eliminate places spiders like to live.

  • Plug openings and crevices into the house.
  • Protect your bed.

    Move your bed away from walls so spiders will be less likely to creep into bed with you.

    Shake out and check bedding for spiders before getting in the bed.

  • Check your clothing.

    Shake out and check clothing and shoes for spiders before putting them on.

  • Do not leave your child's toys outside.
  • Use insecticides.

    Consider spraying insecticides on any high-risk areas, such as known black widow spiderwebs, indoor cracks and crevices, closets, attics, wood piles, and under eaves and around baseboards and window areas. Repeat treatment is usually necessary.


Current as of: July 10, 2023

Author: Healthwise Staff
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