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Tips on backpack safety

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Healthy You: Tips on Back Pack Safety

Help your child avoid unnecessary strain & pain.

This school year and year-round, there are ways to prevent the neck, shoulder and back strain caused by an overly large or overloaded backpack.

Recommendations include:

  • Check frequently that your child is not carrying more than 15% of his or her body weight in the backpack. 
To calculate the maximum weight recommendation, multiply your child's weight x .15 = maximum weight of their backpack
  • Encourage your child to store as many items as possible in their locker rather than their backpack.
  • Help your child understand how to properly wear a backpack--keeping straps on both shoulders, adjusting the straps to fit snugly and using the waist strap.
  • Teach your child how to distribute the weight properly by putting the heaviest items low and near the center of the back.

Tips for choosing a backpack:

  • Shoulder straps should be wide and padded to help distribute the weight evenly.
  • Choose sturdy material to help prevent sharp objects from poking through.
  • Use a waist strap to hold the pack close to the body.
  • Multiple compartments help with organization and can even out the weight distribution.

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