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Picking and fitting a helmet for summer riding

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Helmut Safety with Pediatrician Vik Bhagat, MD

Pediatrician Vik Bhagat, MD, shares how to pick and fit the right helmet for all your activities this summer.

PeaceHealth Ketchikan pediatrician Vik Bhagat, MD, shares a few quick thoughts about how to pick and properly fit a helmet for all summer riding activities.

Did you know that different helmets are rated for different activities? Not only is it important to pick the right helmet for the right activity, but a helmet is only effective if it is sized and adjusted properly.

In this video, Dr. Bhagat highlights a few different types of helmets and walks us through how to properly size and adjust a bicycle helmet for safer summer riding.

For more information about picking and fitting the right helmet for all your summer fun, check out this resource provided by the CDC.