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New Year. New Doctor?

Wellness | February 17, 2021
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Check out these resources to help you find a new provider.

Healthy changes and resolutions are common at the beginning of the new year. A health-related change that some might be facing this season, is their choice of primary care doctor. Be it for personal preference or reasons beyond one’s control – e.g., moving to a new community or changing insurance coverage – choosing a new doctor, if needed, is vitally important.

“A primary care provider is a valuable partner who helps you achieve your best health through regular checkups and ongoing care,” says James Bochsler, MD, vice president and medical director of PeaceHealth Medical Group, Northwest. “It’s important to find someone who has the qualities you seek and meets any criteria you have.”

So, don’t procrastinate; do your research and act now to best ensure that your care doesn’t miss a beat.   

Helpful provider search tools

Patients have many online resources that rate and review providers, including PeaceHealth’s “Find a Doctor” website (see below). These can be a good place to start. In addition to digital tools, don’t forget to use the traditional search methods also covered in the following tips:

  1. PeaceHealth’s online tool offering information about providers who practice at PeaceHealth clinics or hospitals, including education, ratings and reviews from patients, location with map, and contact information.
  2. Your insurance’s in-network list. In-network providers are preferred by your insurance, and almost always end up costing you less out of pocket.
  3. A popular physician search website with reviews, ratings, contact and insurance information.
  4. Referrals from friends, family or business colleagues. These word-of-mouth sources can help to narrow down choices based on compatibility with your communication style, family health history or insurance coverage.
  5. Check out this site’s “Physician Compare” tool to find and compare clinicians enrolled in Medicare, serving patients with this coverage.

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