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It’s important to stay up-to-date on care

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Carve out time to see your provider now to prevent or manage health concerns.

Some of us think mostly about seeing our doctor when we’re not feeling well. 

But it’s a good idea to get into the habit of visiting a primary care provider at least once a year, according to Leon McCook, MD, a family medicine doctor at PeaceHealth in Vancouver. And if you’re trying to manage a chronic condition such as diabetes, you’ll likely want to visit your clinic even more often.

Here’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date on medical care. Dr. McCook points out that proactive care can:

  • Save you time. Spending time now with your provider can help you potentially avoid additional visits or even a trip to the emergency department or hospital. A visit today can help catch or prevent problems from starting.
  • Save you money. What you pay out-of-pocket will depend on your insurance and the kind of services you receive, but care in the emergency department or hospital is costlier than what you receive in a doctor’s office. Additionally, you have more choices when you’re not under pressure to make important decisions.
  • Save you peace of mind. Seeking care only when something is wrong can make you feel more stressed, which often makes things worse. Your primary care provider can also help you understand what needs more attention and what needs less.
  • Save your health—and even your life. Have you ever known someone who ignored a symptom that turned out later to be a sign of something major? Cancer, heart disease and stroke are a few health issues that can show up in small ways and typically get worse without care. Getting treatment sooner than later can make all the difference in your well-being, both short- and long-term.

Plan ahead

Getting an appointment may require patience. Certain times of the year are busier than others. Late summer is often filled with families rushing to prepare kids to go back to school while fall usually starts cold and flu season.

Regardless, it’s best not to wait. The sooner you call, the sooner you get on the schedule—even if the appointment is a few weeks away.

A great way to schedule an appointment with a provider you’ve seen before is to log into your My PeaceHealth account. This set of online tools gives you many ways of managing your care at PeaceHealth. Haven’t signed up yet? It’s quick and easy.

Schedule an appointment with a PeaceHealth provider to stay up-to-date on your care.