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Health Promotion Northwest - Employee Assistance Program

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Health Promotion Northwest - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) believes that a healthy business begins with caring for its employees and their family members.  Our team of therapists and front office staff provides short-term counseling and referrals for employees and family members of our contracted companies. The program is a benefit provided by the company to help with any life situation that might have an impact on someone’s well-being.  The counselors work with the individual, couple or family to address a wide variety of problems such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship problems, family concerns and financial stressors, among others.  Employees can schedule appointments via video, phone or in-person, depending on their preference, and can usually be seen within one week, depending on the person’s schedule.  In an urgent situation, they are sometimes seen the same day.  We also support supervisors and managers who have concerns about an employee or their job performance and may need to make a referral on a mandatory or supportive basis.  Additionally, our services include critical incident responses, supervisor consultation, and legal consults with our contracted attorneys. There is always a counselor on-call 24/7, including holidays, to deal with urgent situations.  

Health Promotion Northwest also offers services to other non-contracted companies on a fee-for-service basis, including trainings on a variety of topics such as Supervisor Skill-Building, Respectful Workplace, Stress Management, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, among others. More information is available below in the “Help for Other Businesses”  section.

Feel free to call or email if you would like additional information. 

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The EAP provides:

  • Individual counseling
  • Family, parenting and couples counseling
  • Help identifying community resources
  • Referral for financial and legal problems
  • Critical incident response
  • Alcohol/drug abuse assessment and referral
  • Work group interventions and consultations for supervisors
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Client Forms

Download and print our disclosure statement and the appropriate client intake form for either adults or children. You can save time by bringing the completed forms with you to your first appointment.

Getting Help

Help for Employees
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Health Promotion Northwest (HPN) Employee Assistance program (EAP), offered by PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, provides free, confidential, professional counseling to help employees and family members (of companies contracted with HPN) resolve problems that affect their personal lives and/or job performance.

What Types of Concerns Can the EAP Help Me With?

The EAP can help with a variety of concerns, including:

  • Personal and Life Issues
  • Emotional/Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Grief and Loss
  • Marriage and Relationship
  • Family, Parenting and Elders
  • Stress and Anger Management
  • Financial Debt
  • Legal Issues (contracted out)
  • Workplace Strife
  • Co-worker Conflict Resolution


Help for Supervisors
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If you manage people, you know that personal problems affect workplace behavior and safety.

Health Promotion Northwest offers support for supervisors, managers and team leaders (of companies contracted with HPN) by providing the following services:

Initial Training

  • Orientation to EAP
  • Progressive disciplinary action
  • Corrective action interviews
  • Substance abuse in the workplace
  • Critical incident management
  • Drug-free workplace training

Consultation, Intervention & Referral for Workplace Problems

  • Workplace conflicts
  • Employee performance issues & Disciplinary actions
  • Mandatory and supervisory suggested EAP referrals
  • Employee substance abuse
  • Sexual harassment concerns
  • Potential workplace violence concerns

Corrective Action Support

  • Assessment and monitoring of mandatory EAP referrals
  • Pre and post consultation


Issue 1 - FAQ topics:

  • performance problems after EAP referral
  • employee accusations
  • job performance and drug/alcohol problems
  • work/life balance; and
  • negative employee behavior

Issue 2 - FAQ topics:

  • communicating with EAP after referral
  • terminating employee with performance problems after urged to see EAP
  • confidence of employees and other employee’s absenteeism
  • supervisor sees known alcoholic employee drinking socially
  • team building coaching

Issue 3 - FAQ topics:

  • fear of bringing concerns to supervisor
  • super performer, but poor team player
  • constructive criticism to improve work performance;
  • employee with severe absenteeism problem and no fear of losing job
  • positive reinforcement vs. constructive criticism
Help for Other Businesses
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Substance Abuse Professional Services

Health Promotion Northwest is qualified to meet federal guidelines with regard to drug and alcohol policies. We are qualified to provide evaluations as well as trainings for supervisors and employees. 

Critical Incident/Traumatic Stress Response Services

Health Promotion Northwest has many years of experience specializing in supporting employers and employees impacted by traumatic events (e.g., tragic event, fire, illness, death, etc.).


Health Promotion Northwest provides trainings, on a fee-for-service basis, to help deal with family and work-related issues. These trainings include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity in our Community
  • Excellence in Communication
  • Keys to Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Change
  • Stress Management Tools that Work
  • Understanding Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
  • Customized Trainings

Ask about our full list of training topics.

COVID Mental Health Resources
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Our Staff

The clinical staff at Health Promotion Northwest (HPN) EAP have training and experience addressing a wide range of issues in the personal and work realms.

They specialize in providing training for employers with drug-free workplace programs. Some HPN staff members are qualified as Substance Abuse Professionals to provide services meeting the U.S. Federal Department of Transportation guidelines for Drug Free Workplaces.



Leslie Finch, MS, LMFT
Leslie Finch, EAP Health Promotion Northwest

Leslie Finch, MS, LMFT

EAP Manager

Leslie Finch, MS, LMFT, EAP Manager, is a Washington State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and has been a licensed therapist in California since 1987.  Her undergraduate degree is in Psychology from the University of California, Davis. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from California State University, Sacramento (1983). She was previously a certified Substance Abuse Counselor in the state of Wisconsin from 1984 – 1989.

Leslie has worked in a variety of mental health and chemical dependency treatment settings throughout her career, including in-patient and out-patient services, adult, family, adolescent and child counseling, medical social work, and Employee Assistance Programs throughout the U.S. Her specialty areas include family systems theory, organizational development, and working with people and companies in transition.

She has worked with many individuals who are experiencing a variety of life stressors including marriage and family problems, health challenges, and work-related concerns. When not working in her favorite field of Employee Assistance, Leslie enjoys being outdoors, music, reading, SCUBA diving, and taking her grand-dog for walks at the dog park.

Her Washington State License number is: LF 60387739.

Ronald Lopes, MA, LHMC, CDP
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Ronald Lopes, MA, LHMC, CDP

Ronald Lopes, M.A., LMHC, CDP, CCMHC, NCC, MAC  is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Chemical Dependency Counselor in Washington State.  He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences/Systems Counseling from Bastyr University. He is a National Certified Counselor, a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.  His undergraduate degree is in Music and Theatre from New Jersey State University. Ron also has certifications and training in Holistic massage, hypnotherapy, theology, energy psychology and Reiki.

Locally, Ron has worked as a counselor at Western Washington University, the Lummi Tribe, SeaMar Community Health and Compass Health. He also worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Alcohol and Drug specialist at Santa Barbara City College and Full Spectrum Recovery and Counseling Services in Santa Barbara, CA. Ron has maintained a private practice. He teaches the WA State eight hour Alcohol and Drug Information School curriculum. He taught at the middle high and senior high academic levels.

Ron has worked in a myriad of settings: individual, couples, families, groups and presentations.  Ron brings a unique perspective to life challenges. He has worked with a diverse population which include support and counseling for adolescents, young adults, Native American and Alaska Natives, college population, and the LGBTQ community.  He is dedicated to a holistic approach to life issues and problems. No two people are the same hence no two sessions are the same. Ron meets people where they are at. His sessions are client centered and strength based. He believes that people generally know what they want and need but may need guidance, counseling and/or coaching at times to help them become successful and self-sufficient in reaching their goals. 

It is an honor and privilege to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. There is a richness and beauty that every person has within them. My work and life is enriched by every person I meet. We all strive to be the best person we can be – to reach our potential. Life can be challenging and difficult at times and present surmountable challenges.  I am always impressed by the inner strengths people have in dealing with adversity and problematic issues and to bring about the change they dream is possible. Coaching offers direction in our jobs, careers, academic pursuits, relationships and helps us sharpen our communication skills with others. Counseling can give us a new perspective and understanding about ourselves and an acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and others. It is this diversity that makes the work challenging and enjoyable. -- Ron. 

Ron’s WA State license is LH60248381 and certification is CP00006432.

“Ron is an excellent counselor who genuinely cares.  I was apprehensive about coming in to deal with depression and anxiety issues, but I found I was treated as a person, not a patient.  Words cannot express my thanks."  -Anonymous client 
Mary Gutiérrez, MSW, LICSW, SAP
Mary Gutiérrez, MSW, LICSW

Mary Gutiérrez, MSW, LICSW, SAP

Mary Gutiérrez is a Washington State Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) who works with adults, couples, families and children to provide short-term counseling, crisis intervention, assessment and referral. Mary believes in the power of counseling to help anyone gain new perspective, develop coping skills, overcome challenges, strengthen relationships, and live a more fulfilling life.  She has assisted a broad spectrum of clients, from preschoolers to centenarians, in schools, homes, hospitals, and clinics. She has helped clients address a variety of issues including end-of-life, parenting, relationship problems, trauma, chronic illness, domestic violence, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, sexual assault, and substance abuse. In the past she has worked with Providence Hospice, Sound Mental Health, and Sea Mar Community Health.  Mary has also worked as an advocate trainer, educator, and public speaker on topics such as healthy relationships, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature with her family, playing soccer, and traveling to places near and far.

Mary attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts where she completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work with an orientation toward psychodynamic therapy.          

Mary’s Washington State license number is: LW60787772.     

Brenda Kotewa, Ph.D., LMHC & NCC
Brenda Kotewa

Brenda Kotewa

Washington Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and National Certified Counselor

Brenda Kotewa is a Washington Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and National Certified Counselor (NCC) who provides short-term counseling, crisis intervention, assessment and referral. Brenda believes counseling is a powerful tool for self-discovery, identity affirmation, navigating life challenges, and building stronger relationships. She has assisted clients of all ages, life experiences, and in a variety of settings. Her specialties include disability, chronic illness, grief and loss, trauma, spirituality, and mental health. In her career, she has worked in higher education, rehabilitation, case management, and individual/family counseling. Brenda is an advocate of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Brenda completed her education at the University of Idaho with a Doctorate in Education with a research focus on disability and human development, and Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Service.

Brenda's Washington State license number is: MC61249165