CareConnect Orientation

Training Info for New Caregivers

CareConnect is PeaceHealth's Electronic Health Record. CareConnect Orientation (CCO) courses are offered as part of New Caregiver Orientation. They are held in conjunction with the two-week Patient Services Orientation cycle that immediately follows NCO Monday. The CCO course provides the caregiver with the basics they need to be functional in their new role. Department workflows will be covered in the unit/clinic/department. 

The courses are offered on a repeatable two-week cycle. The cycle begins with NCO Monday. 

Who should attend?

  • New caregivers and providers to the system that will use CareConnect in their role
  • Transfer caregivers and providers who have not used the CareConnect modules required for their new role
  • Incumbent caregivers who either have not received initial training or need re-training

Review the CareConnect Orientation Schedule for information on your Week One schedule.

What is the registration process?

  • New caregivers and providers are automatically registered into their required classes when their hiring process is complete.

What is the registration notification process?

  • An automated email confirmation is sent from My Learning, the learning management system, to the new caregiver/provider and their manager/supervisor