Technology team gets creative to get the job done

Friday Harbor | Vancouver | August 16, 2018
Caregivers work out plan to avoid holiday ferry traffic and deliver computer equipment safely and quickly

Getting wet or feeling sea sick aren’t among the everyday on-the-job risks for most people who work with computers. But it was within the realm of possibility for two PeaceHealth technology caregivers tasked with a special project over the summer.

In late June 2018, John Burleigh and Andy Dompier, of the server and storage team, needed to deliver and install new backup infrastructure at two of PeaceHealth’s medical centers in northwest Washington.

There was only one problem. Independence Day was looming large, which meant the two faced heavy holiday traffic and potentially hours-long waits for jam-packed ferries to get to the Friday Harbor hospital on San Juan Island. Even making a reservation for a crossing wouldn’t guarantee they’d arrive in a timely manner.

Being savvy technicians, the pair quickly went into problem-solving mode. They proposed making the delivery via John’s personal boat.

“We are blessed to have a manager and an organization that allows us to be flexible in our delivery methods to support our caregivers,” said John.

John and Andy made all of the necessary arrangements and packed the boat to navigate across the Salish Sea with cargo that would help the caregivers and patients on the island stay connected with the rest of the network.

“Knowing that we are a part of the Mission of PeaceHealth, we do everything possible to help provide the best service we can to support all PeaceHealth caregivers so they can provide the best care for the communities we serve,” Andy said.

While the potential perils of the trip were unusual, so were its benefits—whale sightings and other special sights to see as they cruised to and from their work on the island.