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Taking note of the little things makes a big difference

October 11, 2019
woman uses magnifying glass to read screen of mobile phone
Who needs a magnifying glass to read a mobile phone when this caregiver is nearby?

Zachary ‘Zack’ Fox, a medical assistant at the PeaceHealth Medical Group Santa Clara Clinic in Eugene, Oregon, pays attention to the little things and that can make big difference for patients and colleagues alike.

Juggling phone and magnifier

One day in the medical clinic, Senior Clinic Manager Stephanie Parrott, observed Zack engaging with an elderly female patient who was struggling to hold her phone in one hand and use a magnifying glass in the other to view her phone screen.

Zack politely offered to adjust the settings on the phone to enlarge the font size. Stephanie watched as Zack went into tech mode, nimbly adjusting the phone to the largest font setting. The patient was very grateful for his help. Now she would no longer struggle to see what was on her phone without a magnifying glass.

Being observant and taking action

“It’s the little things (that make a difference) . . . being observant and taking the initiative to help others,” says Stephanie. These little things made a difference for her, too.

After seeing Zack in action, easily adjusting the font size on the patient’s phone, Stephanie asked him to adjust the font on her own phone. Now she no longer needs bifocals to make a simple call.

“Zack is kind and compassionate. He continuously puts the patients’ needs first and goes out of his way to assist,” Stephanie shares. “I am constantly hearing kind words about Zack and the care he provides.”

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