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Sunshine cures cabin fever

Eugene | August 24, 2018
Cleaning team helps a young man feel better

Debbie Ulbricht, a housekeeper at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District, in Eugene, Oregon, got an unusual call from the hospital’s house coordinator, Dirk Siverts.

Dirk was looking for a safe place where a young patient could stretch his legs.

The patient was getting “antsy” after a lengthy stay in the emergency department, according to Christina Barker, environmental services supervisor at University District.

Dirk suggested a skybridge that had been closed for several months. Debbie quickly rolled up her sleeves to make it shine again - spending a good two hours scrubbing in preparation for the patient’s visit. Others stepped in to ensure the space was safe for a youngster.

The results showed that Dirk made the right call…to the right person.

Having a change of scenery in a clean, bright space put a smile on the patient’s face that “could have lit the sky,” Debbie said.

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