Simple act of singing creates harmony for patient

Springfield | September 14, 2018
A caregiver sings with her patient to lessen the stress of her heart test

Belinda Bagwell, an EKG technologist at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend in Springfield, Oregon, was right on key when she tuned into the needs of a patient who was feeling a little anxious during a heart test.

The patient was feeling confused amidst some painful issues. Belinda’s simple act of holding the patient’s hand and praying with her helped alleviate some of the stress, but then the sound of pure joy erupted as the two of them began singing together.

Despite the patient’s struggles to breathe, she sang along on her favorite hymns, such as Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me and This Little Light of Mine. The pair’s joyful duet wafted through the air, blessing everyone within earshot.

Creating a caring harmony

Belinda, who sings on her church’s worship team, felt blessed to have the opportunity to share a song with her patient who “was the sweetest lady with a great voice and heart for God.” Belinda believes her entire team plays an important part in creating harmony on their jobs every day. “We have a fabulous team here in the nuclear medicine department. We’re not just coworkers. We consider each other like family.” 

Hitting the high notes with care

Amelia Huhn, also a nuclear medicine technologist, doesn’t think the patient would have been able to get through the test without Belinda’s love and support. She says, “Belinda shows her kind heart every day—not only to everyone she works with, but with every patient she has.”

Belinda Bagwell“Belinda is a special caregiver with a loving spirit that she shares with each one around her,” shares Dixie Aaring, Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute diagnostic manager.

Still another of Belinda’s colleagues, Erica Bennett, echoes the praise. “Belinda did a phenomenal job of showing grace to a patient in need. She stayed far past the end of her shift comforting and singing Christian songs to a patient who needed a lot of time, patience and care to get through her test. Belinda never seemed annoyed or bothered with the patient, but she creatively and effectively did everything in her power to be there for the patient every step of the way.”

For Tasha Brooks, RN, cardiology coordinator at OHVI Cath Prep and Recovery, working with Belinda Bagwell is “a true blessing.” She can cite several examples of Belinda’s giving, passion and support to patients, families and to her co-workers.

Caregivers like Belinda exemplify the heart of caring, whether through sharing a song or other special acts.