Sewing circle puts talents to use for hospice patients

Springfield | August 29, 2018
Sally Sheridan
Resourceful women sew bags for walker-users

Stacy Grigsby’s passion for providing hospice care as a PeaceHealth nurse inspired her mom’s quilting group to start a new project—walker bags.

Patients in hospice care often need to keep some items handy at all times…from water bottles and medications to phones, tissues, books and snacks. Many also need to use a walker to get around safely and comfortably -- making it difficult to pack those small, but important necessities.

Enter…the walker bag.

Stacy said her mom, Sally Sheridan, and the Country Quilters in Bend, Oregon have been making these bags for a while.

“Her group has watched spouses or family members decline (in health) and need to use walkers,” said Stacy. “They felt they could help a little by making these bags for those who could use them.”

The group recently made 60 and shared 20 with patients at PeaceHealth’s Sacred Heart Medical Center Hospice based in Eugene, Oregon.

The bags are stylish and durable, constructed out of discontinued fabric samples from RV manufacturer books -- making them functional and environmentally friendly.

Projects like this are nothing new for Sally, a retired third grade teacher. Her busy quilting group always creates special crafts to support others in the community. “I am trying to get them to make adult-sized bibs next,” said Stacy.

Members of the sewing group have had loved ones in hospice care so it’s no wonder the group’s hearts are quick to think of hospice patients and those helping to care for them. “They are always so positive about the experiences and they’re grateful for the services provided by hospice,” she noted.

Sewing is one thing the group loves to do. “They think it is no big deal” to make and give these wonderful creations. In reality, making life a little easier for someone facing big life challenges is no small thing.