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Patient shares surprising ED experience

Vancouver | January 18, 2018
Follow-up phone calls show thorough attention

V.W. Dobrinski knew he would receive good care from the doctors and care team at the emergency department of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington.

What he didn’t expect was to receive a call from the ED physician, Joshua Russell, MD a few days after the visit.

Dr. Russell had treated one of V.W.’s eyes that had been injured during a fall.

“He contacted me to learn how I was healing,” he said. About two weeks later, the doctor called again with information about the CT scan performed in the ED.

The scan showed a brain aneurysm. Dr. Russell urged V.W. to see a specialist to diagnose and treat the newly revealed health problem.

But that wasn’t the last time V.W. heard from Dr. Russell.

He “called again to verify that I visited a neurosurgeon about the brain aneurysm. I told him that I had and that I learned I have the lower-risk type of aneurysm,” he said.

It’s the nature of work for providers in the ED to treat patients for the most immediate needs and leave other types of care to the patient’s regular physician. In this case, V.W. considers himself blessed to receive care that extended well beyond his initial visit.

“I am feeling much better and my eye is almost back to normal,” he said. “I say many thanks to Dr. Russell and to all the staff at PeaceHealth for their caring and professional help in treating my injuries.”