May the healing force be with you

Cottage Grove | January 16, 2018
Patient finds comfort in special bandages

Usually, the team at the PeaceHealth hospital and clinics in Cottage Grove, Oregon keeps a stock of Band-Aids® printed with popular characters to use with pediatric patients. But even some adult patients like them.

According to Tracy Silva, clinic manager at the campus, one patient who comes for recurring appointments in the anticoagulation clinic finds particular comfort from Star Wars® bandages.

“When we had to tell him at his last visit that we were out of this type of Band-Aid, he asked if Tim Herrmann (the hospital’s chief executive) was in, stating, ‘I bet he could get them for you!,’” she said.

Candice Chrestman, the nurse who was working with the patient, saw Herrmann later that day and related the patient's comment.

Within the hour there was a package of Star Wars Band-Aids on her desk to make sure the patient wouldn’t be disappointed the next time he came in.

“I just happened to be going to Walmart on my lunch break that day when Candice told me the story,” Herrmann said. “It was an easy and quick thing to do for the patient.”

Silva said Herrmann did not recall the patient’s name, except maybe to say hello in passing on campus.

Because patients in the anticoagulation clinic come often for testing, he knew this request needed rather quick action. “Tim was so touched by the story and loves our community so much, it’s clear it was important to him to make this request happen,” she said.

Silva has seen many moments like this in her short time working at Cottage Grove. “I can certainly tell you that I have found a wonderful, compassionate home and a truly caring work family.”

Chrestman said the patient has since come to the clinic “overjoyed to see that his special bandaids were there for him. It was a huge blessing to see his smile!”