Family feels reassured by attentive compassion

Ketchikan | August 13, 2018
Richard Butterfield nuclear med tech in Ketchikan
During a gallbladder scan, technician makes young patient feel more comfortable

It’s hard to keep still when you’re 11 years old. So when you go in for a medical scan that requires stillness, it’s especially challenging.

Fortunately for Hayden Shotwell, the nuclear medicine technologist doing his hepatobiliary scan (HIDA) at PeaceHealth in Ketchikan, Alaska knew just how to help.

According to Hayden’s mom, Shawna Shotwell, “Richard Butterfield was amazing.”

“He made Hayden feel super comfortable and explained everything in great detail,” she said. “He made sure to keep me updated on the whole process and answered all my questions and was a really great asset during this whole ordeal.”

She said Richard even let Hayden watch videos to keep him occupied during the test, which can take upwards of two hours.Richard Butterfield helps a patient through a nuclear medicine scan

Shawna, who works for PeaceHealth in the laboratory, noted “It’s been a rough process finding out what is wrong.”

“Richard's actions and thoughtfulness were so so refreshing and helpful,” she said. She wanted to make sure he knew how grateful she was “for making this mamma a little less stressed out.”