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Even before the first sip, coffee sparks a smile

Bellingham | June 16, 2017
Barista’s warm, attentive service perks up the day

Coffee can perk up any day, but its effects are especially powerful when it is served with warm, attentive care.

That’s what Dan Murphy, a PeaceHealth caregiver, noticed about a recent “uplifting exchange” in the cafeteria of PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Washington.

As he walked by, he overheard one of the baristas, Kellie Cohen, speaking warmly with a patient or visitor who was confined to a mobility scooter.

Cohen described how she made the drink, then double-cupped it, taped on the lid and popped in a straw. She stepped around the counter to greet the customer and leaned down to put the cup carefully into the drink holder on the scooter.

“As I stole a glance at them, I could see that the customer was very pleased by this,” Murphy said. “Kellie took extra steps to make someone's day that much brighter. I know it made me smile, too.”

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