Delaying surgery for a reason

Sedro‐Woolley | April 19, 2017
surgery team
Attentive nursing staff take extra time for special care

What happens when healthcare teams band together for the good of their patients and go the extra mile? A beautiful moment caught in time.

It had been a busy day, about par for the course for healthcare teams at PeaceHealth United General Medical Center in Sedro Woolley, Washington.

As she entered the operating room, nurse manager, Desiree Huntley wondered why they were behind schedule. What she saw next moved her tremendously.

The patient was receiving a full bed bath from the very attentive nursing staff. When he was brought into the hospital, he had been found lying on the floor curled up in a fetal positon for three days. His muscles and joints were rigid and tight, which made it challenging for the nurses to give him the type of care he really needed. But under anesthesia, the patient’s body began to relax, finally.

It was at that point the diligent perioperative nurses made the call to delay the scheduled operation. They wanted to provide their charge with the most basic of care first: a full bed bath, removal of damaged tissue and advanced wound care.

Ann Goeson, director of clinical services, is full of praise for Huntley and the rest of her team. “I am incredibly proud to know that nurses will ask the surgeon to wait and provide much-needed additional care.”

Huntley said, “The best part was that the team had full support from the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Everyone recognized this man may not get many more opportunities for a full bed bath and took their time to provide gentle care.”

When caregivers do more than they have to and do so with an attitude of generosity and compassion, it is truly a beautiful demonstration of grace.