Couple finds many ways to give to their Florence community

Florence | October 1, 2018
David Hansen and Paula Burnette donate time and treasure to the PeaceHealth hospital in Florence, Oregon
Paula Burnett and David Hansen share their time and treasure with the PeaceHealth hospital on the Oregon coast

Sometimes things just fall into place at just the right time. That’s what happened to Paula Burnette and David Hansen when this California couple were visiting friends in Florence, Oregon. They “knew” it would become home. And, so it did. In 2004 they purchase a house and two years later relocated to Florence.

At this time in their lives, Florence was a perfect fit, much of it due the services of PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center. David had survived a heart attack and participated in a cardio reversal program when they lived in California. It was important to them to be close to a healthcare facility that provided cardiac rehab and they were delighted with the program at PeaceHealth Peace Harbor. They’ve yet to need the services, though grateful to have them available.

Paula and David show their gratitude by giving back, both of their time and resources. Paula is the president of volunteers at PeaceHealth Peace Harbor and serves on the Foundation board.  And because it’s an area near and dear to the couple’s hearts, she also volunteers in the cardio pulmonary rehab area of the medical center.

David is also highly involved in the Florence community as president of the 450-member Florentine Homeowners Association.

A passionate advocate of all the services PeaceHealth Peace Harbor has to offer, he says, “The hospital is used by a lot of the residents.”  Paula echoes the sentiment. “The hospital is a major benefit of living in Florence. It’s not just for the retirement community. The hospital is providing services for a broad base of people, including younger people.”

From palliative and hospice to neo-natal and OB/GYN services and primary care, this couple is impressed with what the hospital is doing to keep people healthy.

For Paula and David home is where the heart is. They know that by giving time and treasure to PeaceHealth Peace Harbor, they are making their adopted community a better place for all those who call Florence home—both now and in the future.

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