Computer fail? Analyst saves the day

Springfield | August 1, 2017
Fast action saves the hard drive and the day for patients

Computers. Gotta love ‘em…when they’re working well.

It’s a different story when they don’t. PC problems can put projects on pause and put caregivers in a bit of a panic when they’re trying to get work done—especially when their work helps doctors and nurses deliver healthcare.

It happened to be a weekend when Lynda Lincoln’s device failed. Lincoln, a PeaceHealth transcriptionist in Oregon called the company’s help desk, but didn’t hold out much hope that her failed hard drive could be fixed quickly.

According to her supervisor, Linda Abajian, “We were in a difficult spot because the interruption in service was stopping provider transcription reports from getting into our electronic health record. This had the potential to impact patient care.   We needed to get it fixed fast!”

Michael Craig, a desktop analyst, was on call that weekend. When the help desk forwarded the issue, he took swift action and was able to switch out the hard drive on Lincoln’s PC. She was back to work within the hour.

Craig was a super hero that day, but he’s not alone. He’s one of many of exceptional caregivers who work behind the scenes — day and night — to expertly and efficiently meet PeaceHealth’s host of technology service needs.