Compassionate kindness turns off the tears

Cottage Grove | April 9, 2018
Sometimes moms need a little help

Moms can usually calm their tearful kids, but even they need a little help sometimes, especially at the doctor’s office.

Alissa Hatch, a patient access representative at the PeaceHealth clinic in Cottage Grove, Oregon came to the rescue of one mother whose little guy was having a hard time.

He had been crying for quite a while and none of Mom’s soothing efforts was working.

With a pack of fruit snacks (after checking with his mom), Alissa bent to the youngster’s level and asked if he was hungry. He immediately stopped crying, accepted the snacks and gave her a big hug.

Those witnessing the sweet exchange smiled, appreciating that the simple act of kindness made a little boy’s day better and relieved some of his mom’s stress.